Allama Iqbal Ghazal

Allama Iqbal
Zahir Ki Ankh Se Na Tamasha Kare Koi
Ho Dekhna To Deeda-i- Dil wa kare koi

Mansoor Ko Howa Lab-e-Goya Payam-e-Mout
Ab kiya Kisi Ke Ishq Ka Dawa Kare Koi

Ho Deedh Ka Jo Shouq tou Ankhon Ko Band Kar
Hai Dekhna Yehi Ke Na Dekha Kare Koi

Main Intehai Ishq Hon, To Intehai Husn
Dekhey Mujhey Ke Tujh Ko Tamasha Kare Koi

Uzr Afreen-e-Jurm-e- Muhabbat hai Husn-e-Dost
Mehshar Main Uzr-e-taza Na Paida Kare Koi

Chupthi Nahi Yeh Niga-i-Shouq Hum Nasheen
Phir Aur Kis Tarah Unhain Dekha Kare Koi

Urrh Bhetay Kia Samaj kar Bhala Tour Par Kaleem
Taqat Ho Deedh Ki tou Taqaza Kare Koi

Allama Iqbal

2 تبصرے

  1. dawood said,

    ستمبر 2, 2012 بوقت: 4:58 صبح

    Allah se kare door to talim bhi fitna amlak bhi awlaad bhi jagir bhi fitna na haq k liye uthe to shamsheer bhi fitna shamsheer to kya nara e takbeer bhi fitna

  2. Ahmad said,

    اگست 12, 2012 بوقت: 11:24 صبح

    My Lord, I come to Your door as a beggar complete indigence, bringing only my humility and shame.A beggar who has neither a joli nor a begging-bowlA beggar slain by his desires and cravings.Having squandered the treasure of Deen and intellectat the hands of the ego;Having sacrificed contentment of heart at the altar of lust and pleasureLosing my wealth in the quick-sand of heedlessness and sinI have come to seek refuge under the covering of your Kaaba.Through the stains of sin the heart’s world is sufferingAspirations are weak, the will broken and hope is dead.From whence should I find the strength to express the heart truly?For in this snare have I passed every moment of my lifeIn short, having been burnt at the stake of my own ill-deedsIn abject poverty due to the evil of my stateTo you have I brought my ill-stricken fateEmpty-handed of any deed befitting your House.This House of yours, which is your court of Love and Grace O LordTis wholly Light and the repository of all Lights O LordBeing completely ignorant of the manners of your DoorstepA beggar knowing not how to begMy tongue fails to convey my heart’s feelingO Lord, have mercy on this wordless speech!These eyes are dry, O Lord, knowing not how to weepFestering spots in the heart that can’t be cleansed out.O my Lord I have come to your door as a beggarwholly indigent, in abject humility and full of shame.

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