Ishfaq Ahmad, Bio & Quotes Interview of a great legend

Ishfaq Ahmad Biography

Ishfaq Ahmad

Ishfaq Ahmad (in Urdu: اشفاق احمد), D.Sc., Minister of State, SI, HI, NI, FPAS, Ishfaq Ahmad was born 3rd November, 1930. He is a Pakistani nuclear physicist, and well-known educationist and academic from Pakistan. A versatile theoretical physicist, Ahmad made significant contributions in nuclear, particle and quantum electrodynamics, Ahmad played an important role in establishing research institutes in Nuclear sciences in Pakistan. During 1970s, Ahmad was the head of the Nuclear Physics Division at the secret Pinstech Institute which developed the first designs of atomic bombs.There, he played an influential role in leading the physics calculations in the critical mass of the weapons, and did theoretical work on the implosion method used in the weapon

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